We’re hoping to see you at the 2015 AGM Event in Wodonga, Victoria, wherethe Mountains meet the Murray.  I’m sure that when you see our main venue,you’ll agree that it’s a beauty!  

I’m sure you would understand that to help an AGM Event this big to run smoothly, it relies on the support of all of us, the Ulysses Club members. This year we are asking you to have a look through the Position Descriptions before deciding the area you would like to help out with. Hopefully, the list will go some way towards explaining the many components that make up an AGM Event and you will be better informed before deciding which boxes you will tick on your Volunteer Registration Form.

The “new look” Volunteer Registration Form has been put together with you the member in mind. That is, it doesn’t matter whether you are young-at-heart,or unfit, tired and cranky. We do have a job that you can do!  It will only take a few hours of your time to do it. You will also notice that you can nominate specific days and shifts, including Set-Up Week on the form.

So, are you one of those members who would be happy to help out, but you are unsure where volunteers are needed at the 2015 AGM Event? Volunteer jobs listed should give you some idea of the work that ordinary club members carry out before, during and even after the event has closed.

Please accept this as an invitation to join our team, lend a hand and reap the rewards by volunteering.

Print Version --> Volunteer Registration Form   HERE

Online Version --> Volunteer Registration Form   HERE

There are volunteer jobs available for all members, regardless of age, ability or mobility.  We need you to help out with everything from sit-down jobs, to marshaling or moving chairs; Putting up decorations, working in the Gear Shop and Check-In, helping to clear out buildings, marking out tent sites and everything else in between.

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