Position description
Volunteer position description

Campground Area - Download the map of the Campground & Showground

Campground Area Volunteers assist with the layout, set-up and general management of the campground.  They provide assistance & directions to members when possible and generally work as part of a large team led by the Campground Coordinator.

Trader Area

Trader Area Volunteers assist with the layout, set-up and general management of the Trader Area.  They assist Indoor &Outdoor Traders as well as Motorcycle Manufacturers, and they help make both the trader’s and club member’s “Trade Show” experience enjoyable.  They work as part of a team led by the Traders Coordinator.

Hoecker & Decorations

Hoecker & Decorations Volunteers assist with the set-up of the Hoecker as a dining room. They erect tables, chairs, banners and decorations in preparation for two major dinners that cater for thousands of members. This team works with the Functions Coordinator, as well as the Catering Coordinator and Decorations Team Leader.

Check-In & Commemorative Merchandise Pick Up

Check-In Volunteers assist with the processing of new arrivals at the AGM Event.  They check-in members as they arrive, answer questions,distribute pre-ordered event merchandise & information bags.  They work as part of a team led by the Check-In Coordinator or Commemorative Merchandise Coordinator.

Event HQ / Information

Event HQ / Information Volunteers assist members by providing general information about the event.  They share information via face-to-face conversations and by posting timetables and documents on noticeboards. They also offer basic services such as a phone recharging facility. This team is led by the Event HQ Coordinator.

Gear Shop

Gear Shop Volunteers work in the Ulysses Club Gear Shop managing,restocking & retailing club merchandise.  They operate EFTPOS machines& cash tills under the direction of the Gear Shop Coordinator, National Administration Office staff and the National Purchasing Officer.

First Aid & Welfare

First Aid & Welfare Volunteers provide support & basic care to members requiring First Aid treatment.  Sometimes they escort or chaperone members in need of assistance, and they may coordinate emergency support services if required. This team is led by the First Aid Officer &Welfare Officer.

Grand Parade

Grand Parade Volunteers assist with the set-up, formation and general management of the grand parade.  They direct and assist paradeparticipants as necessary, and are part of the team lead by the Grand Parade Coordinator.

Functions & Meetings

Functions & Meetings Volunteers assist with setting up rooms &venues for important meetings such as the Extended NatCom Meeting and AGM.  They also assist with basic catering such as the BBQ breakfast or the Road Safety Forum meeting.  This team works across several areas such as Functions, Catering & Meetings.

Gate Control

Gate Control Volunteers conduct basic identification checks to ensure people entering & leaving the AGM Event site are authorised to do so. They work as part of the Security Coordinator’s team, and escalate issues to professional security service providers if required.


  • Site Maintenance Assistants
  • Communications Assistants
  • Transport Assistants
  • Signage Assistants
  • Parcel Service Assistants
  • Laundry Service Assistants
  • Entertainment Assistants
  • Organised Ride Marshalls
  • Volunteers Office Assistants
  • Event Treasurer Assistants
  • Event Secretary Assistant
There are volunteer jobs available for all members, regardless of age, ability or mobility.  We need you to help out with everything from sit-down jobs, to marshaling or moving chairs; Putting up decorations, working in the Gear Shop and Check-In, helping to clear out buildings, marking out tent sites and everything else in between.

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